How To Participate in Zeitgeist's Kusama Parachain Derby

Create a Zeitgeist account#


  • The easiet way to create and maintain accounts in the polkadot ecosystem is using the Polkadot{.js} extension for Chrome or Firefox, both available here

  • You will need an account, which you can create using the extension. Attention! You MUST write down and secure your mnemonic seed which can be used to restore your wallet. Keep it secure as it will recreate your account without a password or any further authorisation.

    create a new account

  • When finished, you will get an account like this.

    finish account creation

  • Select either "Use on any chain" or "Zeitgeist Battery Park" in the side menu of the new account

  • Copy your new Zeitgeist address, you can use it now!

(If you already loaded the Kusama Derby page, you may need to reload before it connects to the extension)

Ask Faucet for Testnet Tokens (ZBP)#

  • To participate in the Derby, you'll first need to get our testnet token - test ZTG.

  • Join our Discord and enter the room named faucet.

    faucet screenshot

  • Send a message like this !drip 5Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to get test ZTG sent to your account. In this command, replace 5Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your Zeitgeist address. Make sure this is the address you have access to - you won't get a second chance!

  • If you had a KSM account with a KSM balance on May 11, 2021 when the snapshot was taken, you can also claim an equivalent amount of ZBP from the faucet. See using the faucet for instructions on how that can be done.

Make your Prediction on Zeitgeist#

  • Open up the Kusama Derby dapp

  • First, you need to link your wallet to our dapp. Just click this.

    link wallet to dapp

  • Now you can make a prediction!

    enter the prediction market

  • After choosing which slot you want to predict, you'll see the current state of that market - the further the 'horse', the more ZBP was bet on it. Below, you can add whichever prediction you choose.

    choose a slot

    prediction situation

    buy & sell

  • If you want to bet on a horse winning, you want to BUY - just click the BUY button and fill in the amount. The top number is how many ZTG you want to spend on your bet, and the lower one will update with how many OUTCOME TOKENS you will receive. For example, if you want to bet 10 ZTG, because the Price is 0.1422, you can get 10/0.1422=70.32 OUTCOME TOKENS (excluding the Fee) which can be converted to 70.32 ZTG (minus the fee) if your horse comes in first. Similarly, if you want to receive 10 ZTG if you win, the cost is 1.422 ZTG now.


  • When you've entered the details of your bet, click Sign Transaction and you will get this page. You will need to confirm using the password you set up for your Zeitgeist account, and click Sign Transaction .

Sign transaction

  • If you can see the message 'Swapped!', you placed your bet successfully. Congratulations!

    Broadcasting transaction