Using the Faucet

Zeitgeist's test network Battery Park uses the ZBP token, instead of the ZTG. ZBP is provided to users through a frictioned faucet on Discord in order to allow for testing and experimentation.

NOTE: Due to the presence of a click-farm attack on our faucet we needed to take an extra measure to protect the integrity of the Kusama Derby campaign. For this reason, we decided to put the faucet behind a $2.00 paywall. All of the proceeds will be donated to India COVID Relief Funds. We hope you understand. The faucet can now be accessed from this link.

Getting ZBP#

Using the !drip command#

The normal way to get ZBP from the faucet is to use the !drip command.

  • First create a new Zeitgeist account (standard Substrate account) using the Polkadot-JS Extension that is available here.
  • Follow the instructions here for creating an account.
  • Go to Zeitgeist's Discord server and enter into the #faucet channel.
  • Copy your address from the extension, ensure that it's in Substrate generic format (begins with a "5").
  • Type in !drip <address> to the faucet channel.
  • The faucet should respond that it sent you some ZBP.
  • After completing this you will have a 24 hour cooldown until you can get more ZBP.

Using the !claim command#

As a special bonus to KSM holders during the Kusama Derby, the faucet will allow any account that held KSM on the snapshot day of May 11, 2021 to claim an equivalent amount of ZBP for usage on the testnet.

In order to make the claim you will need to sign a message using your KSM account. There may be multiple ways to do this but for this guide we show you using Polkadot-JS Apps, which is available here.

Go to Apps and switch the network to Kusama.

apps kusama

Go to the "Developer" and select "Sign and Verify".

sign and verify

Now it is expected that you have a Zeitgeist account (Substrate standard account) ready, if you do not please follow the instructions here to create one.

Copy and paste your Zeitgeist account address into the field that says "sign the following data". Click "Sign message" and confirm any prompts that ask for confirmation.

Now you should have a hex string that looks like this:


Now you will go to the faucet and type the following command, using your own KSM address, ZTG address, and signed message as the arguments:

!claim <ztg_address> <ksm_address> <signed_message>

If all is successful you will see the faucet respond that it sent you an equivalent amount of ZBP as your Kusama account had on the snapshot day. This claim can only be done once.

faucet claim