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How to Be a Collator on Battery Station

Run the node in "Collator mode"

Download and set up the node environment

  1. Use the following command line to get the latest Zeitgeist node binary.
curl -o zeitgeist
chmod +x zeitgeist
  1. Register a non-privileged user to run the Zeitgeist node service. Docker is not recommended, as it gives a sub-optimal performance.

    sudo useradd -M -r -s /sbin/nologin zeitgeist

  2. Copy the node binary to the specified folder.

sudo mkdir -p /services/zeitgeist/bin
sudo cp /path/to/your/target/release/zeitgeist /services/zeitgeist/bin
sudo chown -R zeitgeist:zeitgeist /services/zeitgeist
sudo chmod -R go=-rwx /services/zeitgeist
  1. Create a new service.

    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/zeitgeist-node.service

  2. Configure the relevant information in the file.

Description=Zeitgeist Battery Station parachain full node

ExecStart=/services/zeitgeist/bin/zeitgeist \
--base-path=/services/zeitgeist/battery_station \
--chain=battery_station \
--name-=zeitgeist-whisker \
--port=30333 \
--rpc-port=9933 \
--ws-port=9944 \
--collator \
--rpc-cors=all \
--pruning=archive \
--port=30334 \
--rpc-port=9934 \

  1. Enable and start the service.
sudo systemctl enable zeitgeist-node
sudo systemctl start zeitgeist-node
  1. Check the status of the service:

    systemctl status zeitgeist-node

  2. To view the service logging.

    journalctl -u zeitgeist-node