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Where are we now?

Currently Zeitgeist is in beta with its Battery Station testnet.

Where are we going?

The below roadmap is an estimation on the project's progress over the next year. Items and priorities are liable to change.



  • Launch of alpha-phase Battery Park testnet.
  • Launch of testnet incentivization program.
  • Launch of the Proto trading app.


  • Work on second version of prediction markets using Substrate primitives.
  • Work on the decentralized court system.
  • Launch of community and ambassador program.


  • Explore new trading methods.
  • Liqudity Mining program.
  • Implement and test parachain compability
  • Launch of beta-phase Battery Station testnet.


  • Work on integrating Futarchy into Zeitgeist's native governance framework
  • Start work on Zeitgeist DAOs that can use the same futarchy methods that govern Zeitgeist.
  • Launch of the Zeitgeist mainnet and of the ZTG token.
  • Implement DAO framework on Zeitgeist.
  • Implement crosschain functionality through becoming a Kusama parachain.

For a more granular exposition of the roadmap please follow the development on the GitHub repositories.