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Zeitgeist Beta

Zeitgeist is currently in closed beta, which runs on Zeitgeist's test network Battery Station. You can access the beta application at: Note that to gain access to the beta application, an NFT from one of the Zeitgeist Tarot collections is required:


The beta application takes a snapshot every couple of minutes. If you've just bought the NFT, you may have to wait until the next snapshot is taken until you can gain access.

You can follow our beta app tutorial to learn how to interact with the application.

You can also access the polkadot.js-based (advanced) UI at:

Getting ZBS

Battery Station uses the ZBS token, instead of ZTG. ZBS is provided to users through a frictioned faucet on Discord in order to allow for testing and experimentation. To gain access to the faucet, an NFT from one of the collections above is required.

Using the !drip command

The normal way to get ZBS from the faucet is to use the !drip command.

  • First create a new Zeitgeist account (standard Substrate account) using the Polkadot-JS Extension that is available here.
  • Follow the instructions from Account Generation for creating a new account. Once you have created an account, select either "Use on any chain" or "Zeitgeist Battery Station" in the side menu of the new account.
  • Go to Zeitgeist's Discord server and enter into the #faucet channel.
  • Copy your address from the extension, ensure that it's in Substrate generic or Battery Station format (begins with either a "5" or "d").
  • Type in !drip <address> to the faucet channel.
  • The faucet should respond that it sent you some ZBS.
  • After completing this you will have a 24 hour cooldown until you can get more ZBS.