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APP Guide

APP link:

Connect wallet

After entering, click Connect Your Wallet to connect to the wallet, and the APP will check whether there is an NFT in your account.

Of course, there may be a prompt like the following picture. You can wait a few seconds. If you can enter the APP, it means there is no problem.

APP Introduction

We will introduce BetaNet APP in three parts.

First of all, there is a directory column on the far left. You can view the current market, create a market that you are interested in, view your own account, and view the market’s liquidity pool.

The upper right corner shows your account information, including account address and balance. It should be noted here that the address displays in Zeitgeist prefix, and the balance is ZBS which is the token of our testnet.

Get Testnet Token

Enter our Discord server, after completing the verification, click on the BETA APP-beta-app-faucet channel.

Enter !drip ksm address or Zeitgeist address , get 2 ZBS everyday.

Choose one market to predict

You can choose the topic you are interested in in the existing market to make predictions. For example, here is a topic "Whether Evergrande will declare bankruptcy by November 1st". You can make predictions based on your own information collection and choose Yes(EGRBYES) or No(EGRBNO), after clicking purchase, the transaction information will pop up on the right side:

Enter the quantity you want to buy. The upper right corner is the current price of the result. After entering the purchased quantity, the lower right corner will display the amount of ZBS that needs to be consumed. It should be noted that you should reserve a small part as a transaction fee, and then complete the transaction:


After the purchase is successful, you can check your position in My Account-My Portfolio, and you can also make arbitrage by selling high and buying low.

Check Liquidity Pools

Check the current market’s liquidity pools in Liquidity Pools to understand the current market activity