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Create Markets

As a Permissionless prediction market APP, we support users to create their own markets and add liquidity.

  1. Click Create Market

  2. Fill in the specific information, the points that need to be noted include:

    • Market ends is the closing time of the market, after the market is closed, Oracle is required to submit the result
    • The Ticker in Outcomes refers to the name of your result token, defined by yourself, such as ABCYES and `ABCNO``
    • `Oracle fills in the address of the person who will finally report the result. It can be a person who does not create a market, but it is recommended to write your own address
    • If Oracle fails to report the result in the end, you will lose part of the staked token
    • You can choose the attributes of the market: Permissionless or Advised. The Advised market needs to pass our review to be active. At the same time, the amount of deposit token required for such a market will be relatively small

  3. Regarding the last item Depoly Liquidity Pool, all participants who create a market need to inject liquidity into their market, that is, at least 100 individual result tokens and 100 ZBS.


At present, everyone does not have so many ZBS to provide liquidity, so in BetaNet testnet activities, you can contact team members in the Discord group to ask the team to help add liquidity. So I recommend that you choose OFF in the above Depoly Liquidity Pool

  1. After completing the above steps, sign the transaction to complete the creation of the market