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Liquidity Introduction

As a prediction market product that supports liquid mining, you can not only obtain income through prediction, but also obtain liquidity mining income by providing liquidity for the market you are interested in.

  1. Click on Liquidity Pools in the left-hand list to view the current liquidity status of each market

  1. Choose a market you are interested in, add liquidity for this market, click to enter

As you can see, if you need to add liquidity into a market, you need to have all the outcome tokens in the market, and there is also a certain amount of ZBS

  1. When buying in the market, we provide a one-click shortcut to purchase all the outcome tokens. The specific operations are as follows:

    1. Select a market of interest and click on the red box

  1. All outcome tokens can be purchased here

  1. When you have enough liquidity, you can sign transactions to add liquidity for the market